Whirlows Tossed and Grilled

Whirlows is a family owned and operated business. We started life in Lincoln Center in Stockton California back in 2005 as Whirlows Tossed and Grilled. However, we started in Lincoln Center under a different name 30 years ago. We opened our second location at 1926 Pacific Ave back in 2009. We have a long history of customer service and satisfaction.

We specialize in a build it yourself tossed salad cafeteria style. You tell our friendly staff exactly which ingredients you like and they build it right there in front of you. Of course we have excellent sandwiches, burgers and full plate dinners to choose from. This system has proven to not only be successful for Whirlows, but our customers absolutely love it.

If you haven't been to Whirlows, come on in as soon as you can. Let us know how you found our website for a free beverage with your order. Thank you. Mike and Lisa Whirlow and Family

Exterior of Whirlow's building

Photo Courtesy of Michael Brooking